Thursday, August 21, 2014

OCR 2nd Meetup, Well done - Welcome to OCR Conference in September

Just back from the meeting of OCR Team, it was great.

The participants from various stakeholders:

  • Universities: ITC, RUPP, NIPTICT
  • NGO: OI
  • Private Sectors/Individual: Myself

Now it's time to be more open, I'll post more in detail but at first, book your available date for those who are interesting on presenting the Khmer OCR research or product; or even would like to join in the presentation of various researchers; The date on Tuesday 16th of September 2014, place will be inform soon.

There will be some invitations from the team to some individuals, group that the team aware about their work on OCR. There will be an announcement about this officially later soon.

The team is called: Khmer Natural Language Processing Consortium (Khmer NLP Consortium).

It's all about opensource, open data, open idea and methods to make things different.

Are you interesting to join the conference? If you have any thing to make some different for our community, please come to join us.

Updated 08/09

Saturday, August 2, 2014

We are in need of the product, OCR Project for Khmer Language

As I have been stated in previous article about "The State of The Art", KhmerOCR is always in researching state and no yet the ready product.

More recently, some groups are challenging this and welling to introduce the product by forming a concreted team for that. Together there are some individual team also are doing the same thing here.

The joint team by some universities and individual researchers was formed a meeting recently on 31st July.
Now it's not yet to detail how will be but it's great to see more people were happy and willing to contribute into the project for our Cambodia.

And yet a surprise, I just saw another project is presenting and on asking for funding: OCR Khmer, it seems to be an online tool, let's watch their promotional video:

According to the video, the online OCR project is likely to be running on printed image of the font size of 36pt.

The project is asking for funding of $4,000 at the website of
It's great to see the product some where around, let's help him, you can click here for more info.