Thursday, February 13, 2014

Displaying Khmer - Development Document

By Javier Solar, 2004
The purpose of this document is to help developers who do not know the Khmer script to understand what is involved in displaying Khmer Unicode correctly.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Opensource: Khmer Logical Keyboard

Welcome to another Khmer opensource project on Khmer Logical Keyboard

The keyboard will provide three input states:  Normal, Shift, and Long Press. And it will adhere to three principles:

  • Khmer characters will be divided into 3 groups based on frequency of use:
    • 1) set of frequently used characters will be assigned to the normal state.
    • 2) less frequently used characters will be assigned to the Shift state of the layout.
    • 3) characters rarely used  in conversation, will be assigned to the Long Press state.
  • It will not be a phonetic layout derived from QWERTY or AZERTY layouts.
  • It will not include combined vowels and characters which are never used in conversation.


Khmer Unicode Development - Letter to Mr. Maurice Bauhahn in 1996

According to Danh Hong's post, National Higher Education Task Force in 1996 had sent a letter to Mr. Maurice Bauhahn in order to register/integrate the Khmer language into computer system.

According to the website, Mr. Maurice Bauhahn has been called as one of the expert on Khmer Unicode:

Maurice Bauhahn is an expert on one of the most complex languages of Unicode 3.0 (Khmer), worked in Southeast Asia for 24 years, and holds a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science. []
So thanks to ministers who have involved on Khmer Unicode development.

Read the full letter here.