Monday, September 8, 2014

The 1st Khmer OCR Conference Changes to 1st October

Followup the information I have posted in my post recently, now the OCR team has delayed the conference to 1st of October instead due to short time on administrative matter at the venue.

During the conference there will be some presentations from the people in the article "The State of the Art of Khmer OCR" for their methods and then there will be about the future with "TesseractOCR" to plan.

Hope the team could make something different for our society and of course, everyone input will help.

I'll keep update if any change before the conference.

Here is the picture of recent meeting (2nd Meetup)

1st Meetup


  1. Hello, thanks for the post. Could you please give the update/results from these meetings? I'm very keen to this topic.

    1. The team started working on the topic in implementing some method, of course, got some result... hope to have more update on that soon.

    2. Great to hear that. Are they also using neural network? Again, thank you for the update.