Thursday, December 19, 2013

KhmerText Opensource Project

Corpus is very important for the development of the language tools, I found we have an existing opensource hosted project about KhmerText which is mostly provide free/opensource data, the collection of Khmer Corpus.

About the project
Open data for a Khmer language corpus and lexicographic data that can be used for the development of free language tools for Khmer language, such as automatic translators, dictionaries, linguistic analysis tools, etc.



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Khmer Language Information

Ref: Ethnologue Map

A language of Cambodia

Alternate Names
  • Cambodian, Khmer
  • 12,900,000 in Cambodia (2008 census). Population total all countries: 14,224,500.
  • Widespread. Also in Canada, China, France, Laos, United States, Viet Nam.
Language Maps
Language Status
  • 1 (National). Statutory national language (1993, Constitution, Article 5).
  • Battambang Khmer, Cardamom Khmer, Khmer Kandal (Central), Khmer Keh (Stung Treng), Khmer Krom (Southern). Distinct from Northern Khmer [kxm] of Thailand.
Typology: SVO
Language Use
  • 1,000,000 L2 speakers.
Language Development
  • 35% of the population over 15 cannot read or write Khmer. Radio programs. Grammar. Bible: 1954–1998.
Writing: Khmer script.

Ref: Ethnologue

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

KhmerOS Download @ SourceForge

All download related to KhmerOS project is found on SourceForge.

Here is the link of Khmer project on SourceForge:

And here is the project.