Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Inspired by a simple research - Save money by changing fonts

At Mashable, a research of 14-Year-Old student about "how much ink cost on publication", by choosing the right font.

Changing the standard typeface used by federal and state governments could save the United States roughly $370 million a year in ink costs, according to a peer-reviewed study by Suvir Mirchandani. The best part of the story? Mirchandani is just 14 years old. 
Using software called APFill Ink Coverage, he calculated how much ink was used in four representative fonts — Century Gothic, Comic Sans, Garamond and the default choice of most word processors, Times New Roman. 
The ink-preserving winner: Garamond. 

This research should do the same for Khmer fonts.

Read at Mashable

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